We are the Northern Virginia guild of the Catholic Medical Association (CMA). Chartered in 2007, ours was the 8th of more than 100 current guilds to be chartered during and after a remarkable era of spiritual renewal and rebirth in the Church. At the time, St. Pope John Paul the Great dubbed it the “New Springtime of Evangelization” as he taught us new ways to discover Christ personally. It was a time when Catholics began to form a more dynamic personal relationship with a loving God, share our enthusiasm for our faith, and live our faith in all aspects of life, including our profession. We grew spiritually from the fruits of this way of living then, as we continue to do so today.

Living our faith in this rapidly evolving, complex world can be challenging. The CMA and its local guilds help us to meet these challenges by fostering spiritual growth which is based in the teachings of the Catholic Church, and by helping us to form a spiritual network for each other.

To this end, we have developed our new website. Please have a look at it. We hope you like what you see. We realize that life comes at us fast and time is of the essence. In this regard, a bountiful website can serve many needs. Among other things, it can guide us to each other, help us to communicate, enumerate resources and provide information. Also note that membership is open not only to physicians and medical students, but also to dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, psychologists, and other allied health professionals.

As we begin this venture, we appreciate your feedback and contributions. We grow better when we grow together as we live and share this, our amazing, Catholic faith. I hope our website will serve you well.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Dr. Marie Anderson




Our Mission